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26th January 2022 
Typical Session. footprints in sand

I will ask a few questions concerning health and medical history and then begin the treatment.

The treatment lasts about 1 hour. I use a medium to firm pressure during therapy followed by a short oiled foot massage. Most clients experience drowsiness half-way through treatment and some even sleep however some clients enjoy a chat.
4 - 6 weekly treatments are recommended depending on condition. Most people prefer to have regular treatments after there initial course of treatment to help maintain health and well-being.
Baby and toddler sessions are much shorter and fewer as I instruct the parent on how to give their own treatment to their child so usually only 3 treatments are required.

Indian Head Massage:
This treatment lasts about 25 minutes.The client is asked to remove upper garments and given a towel to wrap around the body. I use a small amount of oil on the back and shoulders and massage with gentle movements.
Regular treatments are recommended but not essential