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26th January 2022 
About Indian Head Massage. Gift Voucher - Purple

Massage is probably the oldest therapy and has been practiced for at least 5000 years. Indian Head Massage originated in India over 1,000 years ago but is now a mix of eastern and western techniques. Narendra Mehta after arriving in this country noticed that most massage stopped at the shoulders so he joined together the massage techniques used here and the massage he'd been taught at home and created the Indian Head Massage.
The massage lasts about 25 minutes working upper back, neck, shoulders,upper arms, scalp and face.

What conditions may this treatment help?

> Scalp and hair problems

> Stress relief

> Localised blood and lymphatic circulation

> Eye strain

> Relieve muscle tension

> Boost immune system

What Benefits can be Expected?

There are no claims to cure but most people find this treatment very relaxing. It is a wonderful massage that helps relieve the tension and stress that fills our daily lives.